Binary Madness is a challenging puzzle game for Windows and Android. Fill out all the squares with 1 or 0 but follow the rules in order to finish the puzzle correctly.


BinaryMadness V1.2.1 for Android 30 MB
BinaryMadness V1.2.1 for Windows 30 MB

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I just found this since I was trying to find the origin. I've created one based on the same style as '0h h1' found in the android play store.

What did you base yours on?

I prefer my version, since the value of the tile is much more apparent. Your explanation of the rules is much better than mine. I might just steal it!

If it is possible, it is better to allow even smaller boards.

If not, newbies are doomed :D


Allright, in the next update I will include very small levels with 4x4 squares only. Thanks for your feedback.

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Small levels can be presented as tutorial levels. Not sure how to implement it with UI, but player should know that once he is done playing with easy levels, he can proceed with "real" difficulty. Right now he need to guess that difficulty is changing by clicking top right button, which is not very obvious.

7:39 on 12x12 id 1221

pretty nice.

good way to pass time.


Wow! Great Idea! Very challenging, but rewarding when you apply logic.

Idea: LMB sets 0 as first number, RMB sets 1 first… and then toggles just as in the game now. That way gameplay could be more efficient. Right now you always set a 0 first – no matter what you plan to set.